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Innovation network
Gas injection in die casting

Inner channels and hollow casting in die casting?

This is possible with the help of innovative gas injection technology!


Gas injection in die casting

Reducing the use of resources and developing innovative processes is of great importance for the global competitiveness of European foundries. By using the new gas injection technology in die casting, weight and resources can be saved, thus enabling cost-effective large-scale production. In addition, completely new, previously unimaginable geometries can be cast. It is our aim to promote the new gas injection technology and to open it up for further areas of application. This technology is still in its infancy, which is why an appropriate technological basis is to be created in different areas. By opening up a wide range of possible applications, the competitiveness of the network partners and Europe as a business location is to be strengthened (among other things by saving resources, cost advantages, new design options, and much more).

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Your advantages in the network

Gas injection in the casting pressure

Access to new markets & participation in the creation of new supply chains

Gain access to new markets and expand your business areas.

Initiate state-funded R&D projects

Be at the forefront of this future topic and mark your role as an innovation leader.

Industry insights and strategic partnerships

Network with relevant contacts in the industry and benefit from insights and joint projects.

Long term

Securing the future

Innovation promotes the long-term existence of your company on the market and makes it fit for changes.


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We are looking for you!

If you work in the foundry, mold making, simulation or other industries along the value chain, you are welcome to get involved in the network.


We are also looking for users from the automotive, furniture and sanitary sectors. Furthermore, non-branch applications are possible in which an inner channel is required or material or weight is to be saved.


Would you like to implement innovations in your small or medium-sized company?


Then become part of the network!


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of EurA

The network management is ensured by EurA AG. EurA is the market leader in the management of high-tech networks. The company operates across Europe and supports start-ups and medium-sized companies in successfully implementing and establishing their innovations in order to make them the market leaders of tomorrow. More information at .


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